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Cardi B Claims Her Next Single Is "Super Pressure"


What is it with the NY girls?

They love stalling when it comes to putting out music, but never stall when it comes to tweeting. Cardi B is in her feelings today. She first tweeted about how God is good to her and then told a fan that her next single is "Super Pressure."

Well, the people would love to hear it, Cardi B. Rumors are she has a song with Kanye and Beyonce. Well, drop it!

As far as I am concerned, Cardi B is on the clock. While all the girls are dropping music she is dropping lawsuits. WAP has come and gone. UP has come and gone. Time for Cardi B to drop that lead single!


Sidenote: Yes, I will talk about the Nicki interview after I get off work.


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Unpopular opinion: cardi puts out the same type of music megan has puts out lately but megan catches heat and she doesn't. Cardis verse on wildside was just as explicit as megans verse on's like everything she does people eat up idgi.


Of course, this came out after she plays victim. Girl, just drop the music

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