Cardi B Clarifies Why She Offered Money For Fans To Find A Stranger For Her

Cardi B is getting called out again, but this time, it may actually be a misunderstanding. We know the girl is not the best communicator.

Last night, Cardi B posted a photo of a white bald guy with the caption, "Anybody knows this man from New York? I'm looking for him...You tried it, BUDDY!!!... I'm giving a reward for any info that helps capture this man."

Well, I definitely see the problem with her post, and so did many others on social media. Cardi was called

out for putting a "bounty" on some stranger's head. For some unexplained reason, she did not clarify what prompted her post.

Well, it turns out that it was a serious incident that prompted Cardi B's post and something that should NOT involve STANs trying to physically confront this man.

Ole Girl's cousin stopped to help a man who claimed his car had broken down. While driving this man to a gas station, he pulled a gun out on Cardi's cousin and robbed him. Cardi did not feel the cops would work fast enough, so she posted a photo of the guy on her IG page and asked for help to identify him so that he can be arrested. Unfortunately for her, she neglected to mention any of that in her post...whew, chile.

I get Cardi B's thinking of social media will work way faster than law enforcement, but to not mention that this guy has a GUN and was involved in a robbery is irresponsible. She has dumb STANs, who may have confronted this guy if they saw him. Since she omitted pertinent information, they may have assumed Ole Girl was mad because someone said something about her and gotten themselves hurt.

These female rappers who cultivate these crazy STAN-bases really need to think before posting.

I covered the man's face since Cardi deleted her post.

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