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Cardi B, Coke, and Billie Eilish (Updated)

Updated: 5/3 at 10:58 AM PST

Cardi B Posted Voice Note Of Billie Eilish Explaining Viral Video From Met Gala Playboy After Party.

Y'all know that Cardi B was not going to let no story ride where another celeb did not like her, plus if Billie did not fck with Cardi, I doubt she would have showed up to her party.

Nothing to see here. Now, go back to sniffing...nvm.



Following the Met Gala, Cardi B and Playboy hosted a "Boom Boom After Party" at the Standard Hotel. The party featured dancers wearing the traditional Playboy Bunny costumes, and to give the party more of a nostalgic feel, allegedly, guests could get the best nose candy in town.

This got some people online being performative, shocked that there would be drugs at a celebrity party and Cardi B would be the supplier...LOL.

To add more spice to the online chatter, someone caught Billie Eilish saying, "That's so weird," and captioned it, "@Billieeilish not exactly feeling @iamcardib."

People caught Cardi B with a tweet and delete, and now there is a guessing game as to who she was addressing.


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May 03, 2022

🥴Whew The thirst to be liked & validated by every damn celebrity continues chile😵‍💫


Oh lordddddd Jesus 😭😭🤣🤣 why would she say thattt lm so weak

Now everybody at that party gone be fighting coke allegations.

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