Cardi B Continues To Pad Her Resume With Creative Director In Residence Title At Playboy

Cardi B Is the First Ever Creative Director For Playboy.


Cardi B announces she is the "FIRST EVER Creative Director In Residence at the legendary Playboy." WTF is that? That sounds like a title you make up to pad your resume. Let's continue...

Cardi B posted, "It's a dream come true to officially join the Playboy family. I can't believe this is real. For as long as I can remember, I've felt connected to Playboy. It's truly the original platform for uncensored creativity and I'm inspired by its incredible legacy of fighting for personal freedoms. I have so many ideas already – I can't wait!"

I really don't care about this "position" she has with Playboy, but I do care about the shenanigans surrounding Cardi B, which I assume will pick up as we get closer to that sophomore jinx...Oops, I mean album.

Cardi B Is Now Part Of The Playboy Family.

It's obvious that Cardi B is obsessed with 2 things; being "The First," not the best, just "The First" at anything, even if it has to be made up, and being some type of "creative director."

Cardi seems desperate to be seen as talented, not just funny. So, now her thing is to be the "creative director," which is one of the reasons I think she and Patientce, the creative director on "WAP," couldn't get along. When Cardi sees a Black woman doing something she wants to out. All her videos look like "WAPS" Lil cousins because she is copying Patientce's work.


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