Last week, Cardi B made her return to music with a Megan Thee Stallion assisted song, WAP, after failing to impress with solo songs "Money," and "Press," and following those up with collabs with French Montana (Writing On the Wall) and Fat Joe (Yes) that both flopped. Cardi B is well aware that this is a make or break moment for her. She is no longer the underdog who can rely on a label created/media assisted beef to be successful. However, that does not mean she cannot go back to old tricks. Cardi B is again working with her former publicist, Patience, who is now her creative director (Okkk). They are using music industry smoke and mirrors, and allegedly more questionable tactics to make "WAP" appear like a huge hit. All the propaganda surrounding this release is how Cardi B tricks the public into believing she is one of the most successful female rappers and is how she is allowed to keep using Black Female artists has stepping stones.


In 2017, politics and Hip Hop drastically took a turn for the worse when we witnessed the inauguration of Trump as y'all president and the rise of Cardi B. That was the year PERSONALITY trumped everything.

Bardi, who loves to market herself as some type of politically engaged rapper, uses her big personality to manipulate the public in the same manner as Donald Trump. Both are not scared to double down on a proven lie, both love to make a spectacle of themselves, and both use media personalities, that have pledged loyalty to them, as a way to create narratives that are favorable to them at all costs. Trump has Fox News, while Cardi B has blogs.

Which brings me to the over-hyped "WAP." Notice I said OVER-HYPED, not OVERRATED because many

reviews are not giving this song high praise. The song is clearly playing second fiddle to the music video. The beat is simple; kinda reminiscent of Megan's "Cash Sh*t," and while Cardi B may be able to ride a d*ck, she has not spent her hiatus learning how to ride a beat. Which, to my surprise, is not being glossed over by people who regularly make excuses for her. But all that doesn't matter when the noteworthy part of your fanbase consists of bloggers, writers on major media platforms, and playlist curators. To drown out the negative reaction to the song, the public is being bombarded with WAP propaganda:

  • Celebrities spamming social media with WAP video memes

  • Staged Twitter arguments over the right of women to rap about their p*ssies

  • Articles about how WAP is about women empowerment

  • Radio DJs " debating if this is the most "vulgar," "nasty," and "vile" song you will hear on the radio