Cardi B Deletes Her Twitter After Fans Call Her Lazy For Not Attending The 2022 Grammys

Cardi B Deletes Twitter After Fans Call Out For Not Attending 2022 Grammys.

Tonight, Cardi B got into a Twitter "tussle" with her fans after Bardi Gang called her lazy for not attending the Grammys. They are over Cardi living off IOP and not feeding them. It got so bad that comments about Cardi's kids and her wishing death on someone's mom were exchanged.


Cardi B then went on IG to rant, but all she did was expose just how self-absorbed she is as a person. For Cardi to act like it is beneath her to show up to the Grammys if she does not know she is going to win, like she knew last time, says a lot. If everyone had that mindset, then no one would show up but the winners. Also, you show up to cheer for the same people your lazy ass will be begging to vote for you when you finally decide to drop your own music.


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