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Cardi B Does Blackface In Her Billboard Woman Of The Year Photos

"Since she blasted onto the hip-hop charts three years ago with her Bronx swagger and explosive rhymes, every win she scores seems to be met by as many fans applauding as those rooting for her downfall, convinced they’ve got her number" - ????



Billboard has released their Woman Of The Year cover story featuring Cardi B, and when I think of propaganda and fluff pieces, I will think of this article first. I will also think about blackface.

First, the article does the usual fiction storytelling that has been done for Cardi B since Bodak Yellow. There has never any questioning of motives or real critique of Cardi B since her rise. I can't name any other female rapper who has been given such a supportive runway before the Rachel Dolezal of Hip Hop came on the scene.

Card B Billboard Woman Of the Year

I guess for an article of this type and considering it's Billboard, we would not expect any of that. But, the pandering is laughable at this point.

This need to put Cardi B as the U.N.I.T.Y. girl of female rap, without ever bringing up her past attack on another rapper and showing no remorse for her actions, is clown shit. Cardi has been in disputes with several people and yet has been labeled as the problem. No one seems interested in asking obvious questions. The media only seems interested in helping Cardi B with her music rollout plans while jumping at any chance to sabotage the Black female rappers who pose as competition for their chosen one.


"I have one song that is very personal and deep. It’s with another female artist, but even when I was recording it, I had to take a lot of breaks. I was looking at my engineer and he was looking like, “Yeah, Cardi, I feel you.”


Let me say that I am all for growth. However, there is no real growth without acknowledging the wrongdoing and definitely if one is still participating in problematic behavior. Writers who ignore asking the hard questions really do a disservice to their readers.



What in the Cardashian (y'all see what I did there)???

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is giving me a million. The need to paint...I mean, literally, paint this woman to be Black is becoming sickening. Will anyone call this out besides me? Let this be Mulatto doing this, and there will be a thousand think pieces or, should I say, hate pieces.

This is a hot mess, and I'm sick of it.



While driving home for lunch, I remembered how Zoe Saldana, a real Afro-Latina, got dragged for

darkening her skin to play Nina Simone for a film. Zoe is an actress who was doing what all her fellow actors do when they play a real-life person for a movie. Now, it just happens, her makeup team did an awful job. However, she was being dragged for the act too.

Cardi B puts on a modern-day minstrel show for her adoring fans, and there is not a peep from those who loudly drag Mulatto over a name. A name that has long lost its impact for many Black people.


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Dec 02, 2020

Like, I'm so disgusted that I really don't even know what to say.


Dec 02, 2020

Ain't no way this bitch is the same complexion as me.

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