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Cardi B Finally Releases Music Video To "Hot Sh*t" Featuring Lil Durk And Ye (I Think)

Cardi B dropped the highly-anticipated music video for her highly-underwhelming song "Hot Shit," featuring Lil Durk and Ye (I think).

After viewing the video, I understand Cardi's hesitation in dropping this visual. Even though Cardi was trying something new in using CGI, it was still a very Cardi B-ish type of video. To me, Cardi B is the girl

who does what I call editorial videos. Those are music videos showing off different looks, and no matter when a fan decides to pause the video, they should land on something that looks ready for the cover of a magazine or billboard.

Unfortunately for Cardi B, there were not many "cover" or "billboard" moments with her looks or the CGI scenes.


Cardi B In "Hot Shit" Video Wearing Black And Walking On Side Of Building.

Scene 1: Black Superhero Look of Cardi Walking Down Side of Building

This was probably her best look and the most wasted moment of the visual. Why look like a superhero if all you're going to do is give us your attempt at runway walking and squats? That walking down the side of a building GCI isn't impressive after we all saw the way Doja Cat crawled up the side of a building in the "Streets" music video. I think Cardi should have been leaping from building to building to match the energy of the music.


Scene 2: Icy Blonde Look With Fake Ass Fire / Jewelry

I feel this was supposed to be the "wow" or centerpiece of the video, but it got overshadowed by that fake-ass video stock fire. Cardi could have hired me to work my magic with Adobe After Effects to create those flames for a much lower price than she paid. This look reminded me of the frostbite look in the "Press" video, but with less of a budget.

Then there is that scene where she has the blonde wig with the jewelry on. What in the Zsa Zsa Cabore? That looked aged her.


Cardi B Desert Scene In "Hot Shit" Music Video With Ye and Lil Durk.

Scene 3: Desert Bardi

I hate even bring up this comparison, but it's honestly what I thought of when I saw Cardi out in the desert with that huge replica of herself - Ganja Burn. In G.B., Nicki had a huge sand replica of herself in that video, and it was a better visual than what Cardi B offered with "Hot Shit."

Lil Durk still slid on the song, but his scene was ho-hum, and Ye, I wondered if he was CGI too cause he looked so weird, LOL.

This brings me to my biggest issue with the video: I don't think it went along with the song. I felt like the song was not taken into consideration when Cardi and her team came up with the "concept" of this video. They knew they wanted to do CGI and some futuristic looks and that is all.

I am sure her fans will eat this up in an attempt to push the song to the top 10.


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Jul 13, 2022

The song finally hit 1M after 15 hrs and is trending #5. With all that slick talk Bardi Gang and Bardi blogs do, I expected it to hit 1M faster and be trending #1.


Whole thing is all over the place. People complained sweetest pie had no relation to the song but at least it had a concept lmao and not just Cgi.

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