Cardi B Gets Another "First Female Rapper" Title As Her Song "I Like It" Goes Diamond

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


Cardi B keeps racking up those "First Female Rapper" titles by becoming THE FIRST FEMALE RAPPER with 3 Diamond singles as her song "I Like It" with J Balvin and Bad Bunny becoming RIAA Certified with 10M sold. Cardi now ties Katy Perry as the female artist with the most diamond certifications. We are only talking U.S. for the fools in the back. Cardi B's other two diamond singles are "Bodak Yellow" and "Girls Like You." The Yt Latinos keep winning.

Cardi B:

"Wow I’m sooo happy 🥺😭☺️! My album came out in 2018 and it's still breaking records. I have a solo 💎 record, a feature 💎 record and now ANOTHER 💎 record from a collab with 2 people that I look up to and love so much, @jbalvin & @badbunny 😱! I remember like it was yesterday when this song went #1 and now it’s Diamond. I honestly just can’t believe this is happening! I’m so proud to have two songs off my debut album go Diamond. I hope I can achieve the same or even better on my next one 🙏🏼. Thank you everyone that has supported and loved this record 💛💛

Fun fact: This song started my great relationship with Balenciaga and is the record that gets me the most coin since it’s requested for commercials and brands all the time 😩😂😩😩"


Diamond Strategy

Now, I really don't care about Cardi B and her stats. My fave rappers have to give me more than cold numbers, but I will give Cardi B and her team props on how strategically they move. I love artists who act like they are walking 48 Laws of Power.


Law 9: Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument


This brings me to last night when I heard about this dumbass drama over Cardi B and Jennifer Hough following the same Instagram page. It always amazes me the audacity people have in trying to police other people's social media accounts. If you had some real dirt or wrongdoing, then OK, but just a group of people who have a common enemy following the same IG page... OK???


Law 30: Make Your Accomplishments Seem Effortless


So, as that story lives only in STAN world, here goes Cardi B with an announcement that will get reported by mainstream media and blogs all over. Along with that, what always is mentioned when something good happens for Cardi B - "Poor Nicki.," especially with last night's drama and her recent tweeting.

Like I have said before, Cardi B moves like Drake. When a story is out that they do not like, they make sure a story they do like is circulating. They do not allow negative stories that they have no control over to run solo. This is what the girls can learn from Cardi B. Always be the master or Queen of your narrative.


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