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Cardi B Gets Performative While Calling Out A Nicki Minaj Stan Page




I don't care for either side, so I enjoyed this, but I want to point out something about both.

I think Cardi B was putting on a show for Megan. She realizes Jason and her fck'd up with the pathetic attempt to blame Meg and Black girls for W.S. flopping. I believe bringing up Meg's name was an attempt to prove to Megan that she is not listening to Jason and is on her side. It was also an attempt to help push the "blame Black girls" story to the back of people's minds. It won't work on me.

Wack Flea blog deserves whatever she gets. She was a moderator for a Nicki Minaj hate channel, had a falling out with the owner and then appeared out of the blue reborn as a Barbra. She used the Jennifer story to gain a following by offering a platform to harass, bully, and threaten a rape victim.


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