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Yesterday the internet was going crazy over a reported "diss" track that JT had done towards Nicki Minaj, Kash Doll, Lira Galore, and Cardi B. Listen below:

Even though the video appears old and it appears that JT was doing what most wannabe rappers do, which is pretend diss a bigger rapper, the internet was not kind to JT. Besides noting JT's lack of rapping ability, some were even claiming to no longer be fans of the City Girls.

Yung Miami defends the City Girls after rumors of Cardi B not being happy with them.
City Girls

Along with that, rumors have it that Cardi B is not happy (per usual). So, this is probably why Yung Miami took to Instagram Live to address the video. Notice how she only wants to make it clear that JT was not dissing Cardi B and they would never go against Cardi. I get why she won't say anything about Nicki Minaj, but she doesn't mention Kash Doll or Lira Galore. Lira Galore is the mother to her manager's child. Yung Miami just wants to make sure Cardi B is not upset...again.

I wonder if Star Brim got to Yung Miami? Star Brim was asking if someone wants smoke earlier today. Yung Miami sounds too nervous over something that is not that serious. These Black female need to stop kissing Cardi B's sensitive ass. Ya'll be looking corny out here on these internet streets.



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