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Cardi B Has Signed With Irving Azoff's Full Stop Management


Variety reports that Cardi B has finally found management, and it's with none other than 2018 Cock-Sucker Award recipient Irving and his brother Jeffery Azoff's Full Stop Management. As we know, Azoff managed Nicki Minaj for a very short time before she bounced over to Doja Cat's management team, SALXCO. Cardi B is said to have been woo'd over to Full Stop Management by Shawn Holiday, a long-time music executive and partner of the Azoffs.


It should be noted that Lizzo, who has come up big for Atlantic Records, while Cardi B became distracted with Whip Shots and Reebok shoes, is also managed by Full Stop.


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Nov 19, 2022

Hmm Lizzo +Harry Styles? This should be interesting!

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