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Cardi B Has Another Court Date Stemming From The 2018 Queen's Strip Club Brawl

Updated: 1/17 at 9:45 AM PST

According to the Daily Mail, Cardi B, real name Belcalis Almanzar showed up to court wearing a white fur coat flanked by an entourage to face a Queens judge for failing to complete her court-ordered 15 days of community service stemming from a plea deal she took for her involvement in a strip club brawl.

We do not know what excuse Cardi B gave for failing to follow this order, but the judge treated her like the white Latina she is and decided to give her another chance. She now has until March 1st to complete her community service.

Cardi B really does cause her own problems.


Cardi B Is Due Back In Court For A Compliance Check In Connection To Plea Deal In Queen's Strip Club Brawl.

One of the great mysteries of Hip Hop's true crime era is how the fck did Cardi B get such a sweetheart deal from prosecutors in the Queen's Strip Club brawl case. I suspect the publicized plea deal of 15 days of community service is not the whole story, especially since her charges are linked to Star Brim's RICO case.

But, that is just me speculating...

Anyways, Cardi B is not entirely done with this case because the Queens Supreme Court calendar shows that Belcalis Almanzar is due in court for a compliance check on January 17th. I hope she has started on those long and grueling 15 days of community service.

Cardi B AKA Belcalis Almanzar Is Headed Back To Court On Jan. 2023 For Compliance Check On 15 Day Community Service.

I am unsure if she has to show up personally, but can you imagine dealing with this incident for 5 years?


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Very interesting how A certain other female rapper is a "snitch" and a "rat" but this Hoffa plead GUILTY to sending men to fight women. And it's no pushback. Okay.

Replying to

No they love hoodrat long as they not black. Megan look at a bitch wrong then it's "but I thought it was protect black women"


Jan 03, 2023

she love court chile.. 😆

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