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Cardi B Is Getting Dragged On Twitter...Period

Cardi B is getting dragged for asking her Bardi Gang should she spend $88K on a "damn purse." When I read the tweet, I rolled my eyes. I didn't roll my eyes because I am a pocket watcher, but I just knew it was not the time for that type of tweet. For someone who loves speaking for the people, she sure says some dumb shit.

Well, apparently Twitter was not here for the tweet and started questioning Ole girl. Ole girl then started whining about talking to her only friends, Bardi gang, and her donations. I think that is sad if a rapper's only friends are their STANs. Talk about an unbalanced "friendship."

This really isn't a big deal. It's just bad timing on her part. What is her Onlyfans for???

Oh and she apologizes for this but not the Blackface...YIKES!


UPDATE: Cardi B proved her apologies ain't worth shit. She decided to troll and wonders why her ass gets dragged. This is how a person acts who knows she is an industry plant, not someone who has to rely on a fanbase.


She don't stop...

Ole Girl decided to embarass one of her fan because she did not want any critique of her behavior. This fan admitted to crying.

Some Black women have adopted this toxic child for whatever reason and are seeing what happens when you feed a Gizmo after midnight; you get a Gremlin.


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