Cardi B and her house mask were on Instagram Live with Brooklyn Johnny. Ole Girl is still in her feeling over the payola/Atlantic Records rumors, canceled the release of single #533439283 due to the coronavirus, and wants people to know she wrote on this album.


1. Ole Girl whined about how it bothers her when people make excuses for her success and says it's hard to do her numbers. I thought she was talking about music numbers, but she then refers to the number of people in her Live???

What part of internet personality does Ole Girl not get??? Yes, people show up for your Lives, but not your shows.


2. Ole Girl is wondering why do people who don't like her ask about her music. Um...because you sit around accusing women of trying to set you and Offset up and allege other celebs of lying about the coronavirus. Yeah, people are gonna wonder if maybe you have too much time on your hands. Where is the music?


3. Ole Girl teases the intro to her album. Johnny doesn't want her to play it. Considering how the other snippets have gone...he may be right on this one.


4. Ole Girl sings, "There ain't no half-step'n, all I do is break records." She then yells, "written by big fck'n Bardi...fck outta here." Ole Girl now wants to "push her pen. " I guess it's never too late. The switch-up is satisfying because her team really tried to make it cool for girls to have writers.


Cardi B wanting to be seen as a writer is a good thing because ALL female rappers should be writing.

However, Ole Girl has been too disrespectful, and without an apology, I can't let her moonwalking slide.

Y'all remember when Ole Girl and Nya Lee got into it? Remember when Nya Lee exposed Ole Girl for

suck'n her video guy's d*ck back in the day? Ok, that has nothing to do with what I want to highlight. I just still find the thought of some guy editing Nya's videos as Ole Girl is under the desk doing what she does best funny.

Anyways, when Nya Lee spoke about Ole Girl having a ghostwriter, she never denied it. Instead, she tried to clown Nya Lee by asking how far did the songs she wrote go.

So, soon we will get to see how far the stuff Ole Girl wrote or co-wrote goes. So far, not so good. We have not forgotten about the many tries at dropping songs that Ole Girl has attempted.


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