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Ever since it was revealed that the Migos are suing their longtime lawyer, Damien Granderson, in what looks like an attempt to get out of their deal with Quality Control Management, Cardi B has been more forthcoming about business dealings. A fan asked, "So who is your management?" Ole Girl replied, "I don't have no managers. NONE AT ALL! My lawyer handle my business."

Now, am I shocked that she did not have a formal contract with No Quality Control...No. QC never really promoted Ole Girl as if she were part of the team. She was accepted because she was married to Offset. That is the vibe I always got. In the long-run, it really doesn't matter. But, what does matter is this pattern of allowing lies to spread when they benefit you and then getting Twitter fingers when they don't.



The media loves to paint Cardi B as the rapper who "keeps it real." Apparently, being loud and repeating

clown sh*t is all you need to get that "keep it real" stamp from some. What's considered keeping it real is subjective, but what I do know is that Ole Girl struggles to keep it TRUTHFUL. In 2018, headlines were saying that Cardi B signed a management deal with Quality Control. Now she is all over Twitter clearing up "lies," as if she has no clue why people thought she was signed to QC. Where was all this thumb energy when the stories about her signing to Quality Control were top news stories? Did she let the story spread because it was a good look, at the time, to make fans believe she was a part of a crew? Was it her people who planted the stories?

So, I have to roll my eyes when she is acting all high and mighty, correcting people who repeat the lies she wanted. Maybe if she and QCM were not so busy trying to sell this "New Young Money " dream to fans, there would be no need to clear up anything.



Here is another time when her thumbs failed her. In 2017, Cardi B did an interview with Ebro on Hot 97. She spoke about another female rapper who made her feel like she did not belong while on the red carpet. Everyday Struggle, blogs, YouTubers, etc. all ran with the narrative that this mystery rapper was

Nicki Minaj. No one bothered to check to see if Nicki was even at the event Ole Girl was addressing, it was just put on Nicki's back because that is the story people wanted it to be, including Cardi B.

Fast forward to the middle of 2019, Ole Girl tells DJ Akademiks that the mystery rapper was NOT Nicki Minaj. Um...two years, many sneak disses, and one shoe throw later, she decides to tell the truth. Not only that, she admits she knows people were blaming Nicki Minaj, but she said NOTHING! See, the lie benefitted her storyline at the time, so she was quiet. I don't know about y'all, but that is far from keeping it real to me.


There are other examples where Mrs. "Keep It Real," neglected to "Keep It Truthful." She is a hustle and lying is her skill. She may not be able to write you a dope 16, but she can freestyle a lie at the drop of a hat. What is Ole Girl co-signing or allowing to spread now, that she will be yelling about next year on Twitter? Place your bets below!


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