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Cardi B, Offset, and Daughter Kulture Will Guest-Star On Nickelodeon's "Baby Shark's Big Show!"


While Cardi B appears in no hurry to drop her long-awaited sophomore album, she does seem very eager to grow her brand outside of Hip Hop. Yesterday, it was reported that Cardi B, Offset, and Kulture will appear in a special episode, "The Seaweed Sway," of the hit preschool series "Baby Shark's Big Show!"

Cardi B Will Lend Her Voice To the Hit Nickelodeon Show Baby Shark Big Show. She Will Play Sharki B alongside Husband Offset and Daughter Kulture.

airing April 15 at noon ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

In "The Seaweed Sway," the two stars of the show Baby Shark and William meet rap icon Sharki B, who plans to perform her dance craze hit, "The Seaweed Sway," in Carnivore Cove. She asks Sharki B and William to show her around before her concert and perform with her; however, William has difficulty learning the steps. But, thanks to the help of his friends and Sharki B, he learns the "true secret to great dancing is doing it his own unique way."

Besides Cardi B lending her voice to the animated shark show. Offset will also guest star as "Offshark," a cool fish who is a huge Sharki B fan. Oh, he is playing himself...literally. But that is not it. This is truly a family affair because the Hip Hop couple's daughter, Kulture, will voice "Kulture Shark."

This is a smart brand move.


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