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Cardi B Pleads Guilty To Paying For Attack On Bartenders, Is Million-Dollar Civil Case Coming Next?

Cardi B Pleads Guilty To Strip Club Brawl Attack On Bartenders In Queens Superior Court.


It seems female rap has become more about what is happening in court than what is happening with the music, and today is no different with the news that Cardi B cop'd a plea in her strip club brawl case.

Cardi B got hit with a 3-year order of protection where she must stay away from sisters Jade and Baddie Gi and 15 days of community service. Not bad, considering she could have done prison time.

I am not shocked that Cardi B cop'd a plea. I have been saying that the evidence was too much and linked to Star Brim's federal charges. Cardi had no choice but to turn canary and strike a plea deal because I saw no path to victory at trial.

I am interested in seeing what Cardi B's co-defendants got.

Ladies notice Star Brim doesn't seem to have a care in the world. There is more than one plea deal going down.

Now, we wait to see how much Jade and Baddie Gi sue for in civil court. People were running around falsely claiming that the girls were suing Cardi. But, this was a CRIMINAL case. It was the state vs. Cardi B.

With this guilty plea and Cardi admitting she paid for the attack, it's SHOW ME THE MONEY time. The sisters are probably running to their lawyers as I type.



UPDATED: 9/15 at 2:46 PM PST

Cardi B's co-defendant posted a photo with Cardi B outside of court. Still no news on what she got.

Jade posted too...


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