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Cardi B Posted Throwback Video of Her Rapping and Said She Is Going Back Into Album Mode


Do we owe Cardi B an apology?

She has become the poster child for rappers who do not write, and while early on she seemed very content with that title cause all she cares about are the charts; it has been very evident that she has been trying to shed that image by talking about how much she writes.

Yesterday, Ole Girl posted a throwback video of her looking like Eminem in 8 Mile spitting rhymes she wrote. Cardi tweeted, "After next week, I'm going full album mode. I was hungry around this time. Perfecting & writing my shit." I am willing to give her credit for writing this. Sorry, Cardi for doubting your pen game.

Cardi B back in album mode after Up

I find it interesting that she says, "was hungry." That undeserved Grammy and suspicious #1 songs have really made her feel like she can do this rap shit in her sleep. The most work she has done is for "UP." How is she not hungry? Cardi is still a new girl. People want to treat her like she is a 10-year vet, but she is not. She still has to show growth, figure out how to ride a beat, and improve that flow.

Also, how many times is she going to get into album mode? I feel like her album is done, but something has spooked her, and she is now redoing shit.


What do y'all think is slowing down her album process and do you now view Cardi as a rapper who pushes her pen?


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07 mar 2021

🤦🏽‍♀️😩😒 It’s so much confusion, She seems all over the place. she dropped two songs now talking about album mode?? This goes back to a discussion here and what I have seen two female artist talk about in their docs, people don’t put together a body of work anymore! Shouldn’t the album have a theme & direction already. Feels like albums should be finished before singles get released. especially given the way she promoted and dropped WAP you would think it is clear the direction her album is going in. What changed?

No apology is owed. A lot of what is said about her comes from her mouth. You can very much tell she wrote UP. she allowed that labe…

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