Cardi B Proves "Haters" Right By Taking Offset Back


A month ago, Cardi B announced her divorce from Offset through messy bottom blogger Jason Lee. Immediately, her fans, media included, started throwing a "be a strong Cardi" party for her. Cardi B then spent most of her time between then and now, making sure the blogs reported the circumstance surrounding her divorce as she wished. Ole Girl explained there was no baby or cheating, her and Offset were just arguing too much.

Well, not everyone was buying Ole Girl's sob story and questioned if this divorce was just for attention. If

Cardi B and Offset

you notice, Ole Girl has several stories about her simultaneously going in the media, and all of them are favorable. Only a non-Black girl can pull that off. But, those doubters were called haters because if you don't like Cardi, you must be a hater....right?

Well, the so-called HATERS were proven right again. If you follow me on TikTok, you saw the video I posted of Ole Girl talking about taking Offset back. She told fans she missed talking to her best friend, missed the d*ck, and he bought her a Rolls Royce. The only thing missing was how they worked through all that "arguing" she claims was the reason she filed for divorce in the first place. The next time they get into an argument, she better sit her ass in that Rolls Royce instead of looking for sympathy from fans.

I think the divorce was for publicity, but it wasn't really needed with the success of WAP, so they said, "Fck it." Maybe that song that will make everyone mad is with Offset...hmmm.


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