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Cardi B Pulls Out Of Paramount Comedy "Assisted Living" Just Days Before Production Started -Updated

Cardi B Pulls Out Of Assisted Living Comedy Days Before Production Starts.

Deadline exclusively reports that Paramount has pulled the plug on the Cardi B comedy, Assisted Living, after the Bodak Yellow rapper suddenly backed out of the project. According to reports, the film was just a week away from starting production, when everyone was given notice.

We all remember all the drama when it was revealed Nicki Minaj's ex-bestie Thembi Banks was picked to direct Cardi in her first starring role. But, I guess all of that was for nothing.

I wonder what happened?


Updated 3/13 at 6:34 PM PST


Well, word on the curb is that Cardi B pulled out of the movie because her acting just was not giving what it was supposed to be giving. She was taking acting lessons but it wasn't really working out and Cardi just decided to give up.

This is just a rumor but I believe it because I have always said just because you can be funny online, does not mean you are an actress. Also, the last-minute pull-out makes no sense if it was just about music because things are scheduled way in advance. She knew well in advance the movie schedule and when she was planning on dropping music. She is not the only rapper who has to balance album stuff with other projects.

Just thought I would share.


Updated 7/23 at 8:17 AM PST

I am so late, but I have been wanting to post what Cardi B said about pulling out of the movie "Assisted Living." Didn't I tell y'all I heard it was more about her acting than anything else? Considering how things are turning out, we damn well know it is not about her music.


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Well, they swore she could do it all.

She just needs to release this “super pressure” music, do her little facebook show, whip shots, raise her kids and slow it tf down

SN: I wonder how that playboy thing is going with all the drama they have going on

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