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Cardi B Replaces Kanye and Lil Durk On New Version Of "Hot Shit" With New Alter-Ego? (Updated)

Updated: 8/20 at 10:21 AM PST

As y'all can see, Cardi B had her song removed, but I wanted to point out it was not a leak. Leaks are not done on DSPs and on the official Youtube channel of the artists. Her label clearly is tired of her stalling and decided to make an executive decision.

We all gotta remember why Atlantic signed Cardi in the first place. So, while Nicki is playing Billy-badass, I am sure Mike Kyser is like, "WTF is Cardi B Doing?" Brooklyn Johnny promised them Cardi would be Nicki's competition; that is what they wanted. That made them a lot of money.

More reasons why Meg needs to stay the fck away from this label.

Anyways, Cardi B is gearing up for another lawsuit against a blogger....

What's funny is this person started off as a Bardi Gang member but found it more lucrative to pretend to be a Barbra.



Cardi B dropped another version of "Hot Shit" minus Kanye and Lil Durk. Many were not impressed by the boys' contribution to the track and complained she should have dropped it solo. Well, Cardi B granted her fans and critics' wishes.

Interesting timing...

I got a chuckle when Cardi attempts to flow switch in what sounds like an attempt at a Roman moment. It's not Roman, but Roman's Hispanic cousin possibly...LOL. Cardi has an alter-ego now.

The NY girls motivate each other; otherwise, both would never drop anything. Getting popcorn.


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These two girls wanna fuck so bad.


Aug 20, 2022

She still pushing this song? Lol girl. i guess get your money worth because durk and Kanye aren’t cheap features

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