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Cardi B Responds To Chika's Retirement Tweet In The Most Narcissistic Way Ever


Chika tweeted that she plans to retire after receiving backlash for not only calling mainstream female rap boring but trying to exclude Cardi B from that conversation. She compounded the issue, but responding to negative Tweets, trying to shame her haters, and then posting a video where she tells her haters she hopes they die with her.

While I have empathy for what Chika is going through, this is very deja vu. She will make a comment that she knows will elicit a strong reaction from others, soak in the negative remarks, get down on herself, threatens to give up, and expect Twitter to care about her feelings. I wish she would change up her reaction to negative comments so that she does not highlight the fools, or just not join in discussions she already sees are unproductive and will most likely trigger her.


Well, in another deja vu moment, Cardi B decided to try to give Chika a pep talk in the most narcissistic way ever. When Ole Girl said in her XXL interview that she likes giving advice, that is the one time she did not lie, LOL.

Cardi starts off by making it about her accomplishments and how others diminish her hard work. Instead of stopping there, she decides to shove her foot closer to that Lil dangly thing at the back of her throat by reminding Chika how little the press, blogs, and magazines pay attention to her and then tells Chika to work on her marketing. Um...Chika was talking about suicide. How is marketing going to help Chika from feeling down about herself as a person? If that wasn't bad enough, Ole Girl continues to make it about herself and tells Chika about how she is forced to clear up rumors on Twitter every day and proceeds to laugh about the most recent rumor of her being a witch. I mean, damn, if you just wanted to talk about yourself, Cardi????

This shit had me crack'n up because I know that Cardi does not know how self-absorbed and shady she sounds. It's who she is as a person, so she can't help it. I really hope Chika did not read that mess.

Instead of telling Chika to work on her marketing, why not put Chika on a song? I said this in the past; Cardi uses these "shoutout" to help her image.


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11 de abr. de 2021

I feel bad for Chika and she’s probably so sad that shes looking for some type of love/appreciation on the net. But if she’s does this a lot, is she doing this to stir up her name?

She really used someone else’s suicide thoughts to make it about herself & try to defend herself 🤦🏽‍♀️ and yes, I do believe she dabbles in something dark and has used it to her advantage against Nicki. It’s not far fetched same way you can pray for blessing you can “pray” for someone’s down fall and hex them. The obsession has been there. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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