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Cardi B's Beats Studio Buds + Commercial: A Missed Opportunity?


While Cardi B continues to delay the release of new music for this year's "Summer Jam" despite headlining the event, there's one thing she never delays—promoting a new brand deal..

Cardi B posted her new commercial for Beats Studio Buds + this morning. In the commercial, the Bronx rapper can be seen using her noise-canceling buds in different scenes, including one where she is procrastinating in going to the studio. How realistic, LOL.



One interesting choice in the commercial is the use of Cardi B's 2021 hit song, "Up." However, I think it would have been better to preview a new song. By doing so, it helps the commercial go viral and generates excitement not only for her upcoming Summer Jam performance but also for her highly delayed new album.


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The snippet just would’ve gotten leaked. You can never just say something positive about Cardi.

En réponse à

Like I said you’ve been shady millions of other times and I never said a peep, but I’m the one bothered?

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