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Cardi B's Plea Offer In Stripper Brawl Case Is About To Expire


While Cardi B is busy trying to find merchandise to slap WAP logos on, she may want to start paying attention to one of her many open court cases. According to Page Six, a plea offer in her stripper brawl case is about to expire. Even though Ole Girl did reject the offer when it was initially offered, the D.A. has kept it on the table since 2019. D.A. Nicolosi is reported as saying, "The People are offering for the last time an offer of a misdemeanor. … We are not going to go lower than a misdemeanor,”

I wonder if Cardi is afraid that by accepting a misd. charge, it opens her up further to being dragged into Star Brim's case??? Well, she has a hearing in October, so we will see how it goes.


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