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Here is what Instagram does not want you to see. They deleted two of my pages because I posted about Cardi's PR disaster in Nigeria & Ghana. The media will probably ignore or try to paint Cardi B's trip to Africa as a success, but that would be far from the truth.

Cardi B's trip to Nigeria and Ghana were a disaster as she insults the people and cannot get people to show up for her concert. Giving tickets to Cardi B concert.
Free Tickets to Cardi B's Show

Cardi B's headlining shows in Nigeria and Ghana were planned poorly and her team overestimated her popularity within these two countries. As a result, tons of tickets were given out for free for both shows. Brooklyn Johnny, a member of Cardi's team, attempted to change the narrative from the poor ticket sales by staging an act of kindness by Cardi B. Photos and videos of Cardi B buying items for the people of Nigeria were posted on Instagram. There were also photos showing all the items they bought for kids in Nigeria.

But, even with these fake acts of kindness, things did not get better in Ghana. I do not need to say anything. I will let the women of Ghana speak.

Cardi B responded in her normal nasty and take no responsibility way.

Cardi is accusing the women that were INVITED to welcome her to Ghana of being rude. She also wanted them to remind her of the meet & greet her team set up. In what world does that make sense?

Also, there is video that shows Cardi B by the pool looking as if she is trying to avoid people. Why was she out there if she was having stomach problems????

There are so many flaws with Cardi's story. She is just making up shit like usual. Just view the videos and make up your own mind as to why Instagram and Cardi's fans had such a problem with me posting these???


Until I figure out what to do about IG, please use my FORUM to drop some receipts on any topic. You can create your own topic and post photos. I will be in there often now.

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