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Simon Falk released his final Billboard Predictions, which has WAP beating out Drake for that #1 spot. If

this prediction ends up being true, this will be the song's second week at #1 on the Hot 100 Charts. So, how did Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion beat Drakkkke? Hell, how did they get the #1 song in the first place? If you have been paying attention to Ole Girl's social media, she has been celebrating the success of WAP as if it were a MIRACLE.......... that she has not been called out over the propaganda used to shove, push, pull, suck, and tug this song to the top of the charts.


I know, I know, I know..."FCK YAYA, YOU'RE SUCH A HATER. YOU'RE JUST MAD THAT CARDI B IS THE NEW QUEEN OF RAP." How am I hatin when I ain't trying to get inside of the club...LOL😂?

Due to Cardi and her team's past inconsistency, lies, and tactics, she has earned my side-eye. I have legit questions about the pure sales of WAP. I don't remember Ole Girl being a high "pure sales" artist. I could be wrong, maybe "Money" and "Press" had a great first week in pure sales; however, I can't locate articles on it. So, excuuuuuse me for thinking it's more than a coincidence that when pure sales became the popular kid in town after 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj fans (mostly Nicki fans) got Trollz to debut at #1, that a streaming artist becomes a "pure sales artist." To me, it comes off as some type of keeping up with the Joneses type of sh*t. At the same time, there are rumors so loud about Atlantic/Cardi B allegedly sending fans money to buy WAP, that DJ Akademiks felt compelled to mention it on Everyday Struggle. Some of you are spreading DJ Akademiks 5394300 version about what happened between Meg and Tory, but on this, blogs are too scared to even mention it? It's not suspicious that following the rumors, they decided to Cash App money to fans in the name of "powerful women?" Does no one think that was just a way to cover up for the secret payouts and explain sales staying high?

We know that it does not take much for small or big media platforms to run with a story. This is why I believe Cardi B essentially owns a media company due to her having so many media outlets in her Birkin bag. They treat her like she is Drake, in that no negative story will see the daylight without a bunch of PR stories flooding social media. Billboard loves reposting, their cover stories on her with 4 likes LOL. I be crack'n up.



Now, when it comes to streams, they may not be faking those. I know that is a shock coming from me. I was doing some research on WAP and other songs at the top of Billboard's highly questionable charts. We all know the power of playlisting and that Billboard wants to help playlist curators keep their control over artists. If you can get those pure sales and the playlist, then you will "break records." Here are the playlist numbers of the predicted top 5 songs (excluding charts and essential playlists) on Apple Music:

WAP: 21





This is just with Apple, so you have to consider all the other streaming platforms. This number should give you a general idea of where your fave needs to be on Apple Music to get those streams. Now, I have no clue what you gotta do to get on these playlists🥴.


As I reported a few weeks ago, songwriter/artist Queen Pheena is suing Cardi B, JWhiteDidIt, Atlantic, etc for copyright infringement on Bodak Yellow. I guess Cardi B and her team said, "if it worked once, why not try again." Queen Pheena went on Instagram and claims that Cardi B and her team stole another song from her and guess what that song is...WAP!

Listen to both tracks below and let me know if you hear any similarities:

I do have to ask, why does Queen Pheena keep sending songs to Atlantic? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I don't know if she just sent a bunch of tracks, and they are still using what she sent, or is she hoping they become good people.


I did not plan on writing this much on WAP. I started writing about the charts, and my fingers got possessed by all the artists cheated out of a #1, and I couldn't stop typing LOL.


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Like I said before I knew they where going to get a #1 but not with those numbers, they definitely did some scheming. That girl has never been a pure sales artist, she was always a streaming and radio playlist one so how convenient she has pure sales now and sending out money?? Come on.

She just better enjoy the success of WAP as long as she can because when she can’t use Meg, let’s see how her other songs does.


Aug 24, 2020

Queen Pheena definitely has a compelling argument, but I really need for her to stop handing over her work to those crooks over at Atlantic.

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