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Cardi B "Shake It" Remix Promo Clip


The promo video for Cardi B's remix of Kay Flock and Dougie B's "Shake It" was dropped today. In the video, you see she is "outside." The music video is supposed to drop on Friday.


I don't know if this battle of the Drill track between Cardi and Nicki is still going on since there are rumors Nicki may have scrapped the video for "We Go Up,' but I want to speak about optics. Cardi B always has the edge over Nicki Minaj because she or her team understands optics. In the promo clip, you do not have to search for other girls. It is not Cardi B and a sausage-fest like in Nicki's clips.

Female rap is not just a headline game; it's an optics game. The one who plays both these games the best will end up with the crown.


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