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Cardi B Shares Her Thoughts On The Grammys


Cardi B, for whatever reason, has decided to write a...RA-Oops, not that, never that. Bardi chose the day before the Grammys to write out her feelings pertaining to the negativity surrounding the show. She wanted to remind people that this year so many independent artists who are not "mixy," negative, or all over the media were nominated and that we should congratulate them.

Now, even though Cardi B is not nominated, she is performing, and many think besides WAP, she will be pushing her song "UP" on us...again.

I don't understand why she did not write this sooner? Girl, people are watching Renni Rucci vs. Big Latto,

This letter is very Drake-ish in that it's self-serving but cloaked in caring about your fellow artists. Also, wasn't she just arguing with people on social media over her Grammy win? Why not think about this then?

Sometimes, I want to give her props for her leadership attempts because there is none in female rap, but she just ain't it. A tool used by men in the industry to take down another can never be the standard. If Cardi ever wants to write something, write an apology letter. What's eerie is that the last time she wrote a message like this was after attempting to attack a rap legend.



I wonder if Cardi B lurks on my page cause she is talking about artists submitting their work for an award they claim they hate. I have read a few stories on the Grammys and none are talking about artists still playing the submission game while whining.


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