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Cardi B Spotted In Hollywood At Jason Lee's Birthday Party

Cardi B was spotted in Hollywood at Jason Lee's "Birthday Experience" last night. Jason, looking like a Matrix extra, probably can't wait to rub this in the face of his former mentee. You know "new media" loves fighting over who is closer to Bardi.

Speaking of Cardi B, we know when Nicki Minaj is allegedly dropping her album. Megan Thee Stallion must wrap up this legal battle with Carl Crawford/1501 Entertainment before she can drop new music.

But what about Cardi B? The media's "feature-run Queen" is actually in the best position out of the trifecta. She has a label that fully supports her, and there is still some curiosity about what she will bring after such a successful debut. But yet we know nothing about when her album is dropping. There is even growing doubt she will drop this year. Where is the lead single?

If Cardi B does not drop in 2023, should people view her as an internet personality who capitalized off a beef with Nicki Minaj and got lucky?


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