Cardi B Throws Temper Tantrum Over "Wild Side" Debuting At #14 On Billboard

Cardi B mad over Wild Side flopping




Is this the month of temper tantrums?

It seems like Cardi B is not happy with "Wild Side" debuting at #14 on Billboard. In a sereis of tweets, Cardi B went Cyndi Lauper on her timeline and her true colors came shining through...and that is why I don't fck with you.

Ole Girl actually said she will not promote "Wild Side" anymore and wants Normani to release a version without her vocals...Bwhahahahaha!!!. Is this is all over a top 20 debut or that some of us were proven right when we said her features don't perform the same way as her Atlantic pushed songs?

Read the tweets below:

This is the first time I have seen an industry plant have a public meltdown. I'm almost speechless...almost.

Cardi is an entitled brat, and she is showing that when Atlantic takes off those training wheels...I'm going to have a lot to blog about, LOL. Also, let's not forget she had her mouthpiece blame Megan Thee Stallion and Black women in general for her failure to make the song a smash hit. She never came out against those comments, but instead co-signed Jason on her Onlyfans page, and told her fans to start being bullys. Bully, who??? Bully, what??? I hope she don't think her fans can bully Black women...

Anyways, I saw Normani talking about a remix...


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