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Cardi B "Took Every Single Thing Good About Nicki Just A Bit Further"

Atlantic Records copied Nicki Minaj to create Cardi B




The Netflix movie "Dare Me" opens up with the line, "There's something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls."Well, don't forget about us Black women who are caught up on all our projects and have extra time, LOL.

While bored at work, I came upon podcaster/YoutuberrJesse Cannon's audio documentary on Atlantic Records called "Inside The Album." Jesse revealed that Warner Music paid him to create a podcasts series about how Atlantic Records develops artists and their marketing process. Cannon was allowed to document all of this allegedly without any editorial oversight(🙄). He claims Warner/Atlantic gave him unprecedented access to artists, producers, managers, and A&R to really delve into how to make a hit record.


They had me at Atlantic Records but quickly lost me after viewing one of the videos. It seemed more like a fluff piece to promote the label. This should not have come as a shock considering Warner was paying him to make this audio documentary. So, as I was clicking out of the video, I noticed he made another one titled, "What Major Label Artists Know About Social Media That You Don't," with a photo of Cardi B. I got curious as to what she knows that I don't know.

From the start, he piqued my interest. Cannon spoke about meetings where they discuss what they should do to market an artist. He said they try to get inspired by watching other people and see how their artist can "authentically" do it better. He used Cardi B as an example, "Cardi B came along as Nicki Minaj's schtick started to get a bit old. Cardi basically did everything Nicki did but more extreme and better. The raps were more hard, the singing less...hmmm...cheesy, the attitude and personality 10x more real, and the fashion way more out there and hard. SHE TOOK EVERY SINGLE THING GOOD ABOUT NICKI JUST A BIT FURTHER."

Did Jesse Cannon just co-sign Nicki Minaj's "Lil' bitch, I heard these labels tryna make another me" verse?

Now, blogs and fans have called Cardi B out for nibbling off Nicki Minaj. However, this info. is coming from someone who Warner Music paid to put out these videos promoting how Atlantic Records "nurtures" their artists and makes hit records. He is documenting their process, and he is saying that Cardi "TOOK EVERY SINGLE THING GOOD ABOUT NICKI JUST A BIT FURTHER." He was so busy trying to take a shot at Nicki; I don't think he realized what he just admitted....LOL.

I love exposing season!


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