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Cardi B Vs. Tasha K...The Neverending Story


First, Cardi B acting as if she has never talked about someone's looks is laughable. Also, lets NEVER forget how she treated MUA Black Swan. Yep, I still remember that because it broke my heart to see that sistah crying over such a toxic insecure ass like Ole Girl.

Y'all ever notice that every time she drops a song, she tries to act like people are picking on her? She is always a victim. The last time I checked, we have female rappers dealing with colorism, being called a man, and dismissed over their weight. But, why is Cardi always the victim? Why do people rush to defend Cardi, but I don't see them defending the Black female rappers?

50 Cent said there is no sympathy for winners. Cardi gets tons of sympathy.


But, in this case, you got two problematic people going at each other. Let me get some extra butter for my popcorn.


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