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Cardi B Tries Being Ms. Cleo? Cardi B The Supreme Truth Teller Will Provide Readings For Fans

2020 has been rough baby. Let’s get that astral plane looking tight.


A week after launching a new show on Facebook messenger, Cardi Tries, Ole Girl is back with another money grab. Between Dec. 26th - Dec. 31st, Cardi B will turn into Ms. Cleo or, as she calls it, "Cardi B - Supreme Truth Teller." Fans will get the opportunity to DM Cardi on her new verified Instagram account and receive a reading for 2021.



I find this bizarre. At least with Ole Girl's show "Cardi Tries," it made sense because I always felt that she was more of a TV personality than a music person. However, with this Ms. Cleo bullshit, this project reminds me that she will be anything her team needs her to be for the money.

When I was on IG, I said that female rap was starting to look like a pimp and hoe show. Are these the types of business deals that Offset is helping her with?

She is the walking definition of "Jack of all trades, expert at none." I am really getting confused about what her brand is. For someone who is supposed to be the new "Queen of Rap," doing fortune readings like she works at a carnival is goofy to me. Mind you, she still is awful at rapping. She still requires theatrics to get her music to pop.

Hip Hop is just another hustle, and Cardi B never lets us forget it.


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This is very weird. Is it somehow a part of her album rollout?

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