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Carl Crawford Countersues Megan Thee Stallion Over Something For The Hotties (Updated)

Carl Crawford Countersues Megan Thee Stallion Over Something For The Hotties.


What is it with these men prolonging court battles...???

Carl Crawford has countersued Megan Thee Stallion claiming that "Something For Thee Hotties" should not be counted towards her contract agreement. Furthermore, he wants a full accounting of all of her collaborations, sponsorships, endorsements, and side engagements so he can get his cut.

I find it funny he wants a full accounting from Megan when allegedly 1501 does not give one to their artists.

Anyways, Carl claims that "Something For Thee Hotties" does not fulfill the contractual requirements of

being "12 new master recordings of studio performances" because it contains previously released freestyles. That leaves her with only 29 minutes worth of music that counts, which we all know misses the archaic minutes requirments. He is also upset he did not approve the project...blah, blah, blah.

I know people will try to make this a big deal while they downplay her lawsuits against him. But, I actually think this is the next best thing to him just leaving her alone. This way, a judge can rule for once and for all, and he can stop trying to get public sympathy by claiming he is a CEO whose artist turned on him.

Also, to the people claiming "well, she signed the contract" while drooling over their keyboards. Yes, she did sign the contract, but contracts are not one-way streets. Contracts require BOTH PARTIES to fulfill some type of agreed-upon duty. Carl can't just expect his artist to perform their side of the contract while he fails to fulfill his side as a CEO.

If the judge finds that Carl Crawford fulfilled his side, then Ok, Megan just gotta give him the 2 albums and some money. If not, then all you muthafckas better kiss her...just kidding.


So, I wake up to Carl Crawford doing what every punk muthafcka does when a woman in the industry clowns their ass. Let's not forget we were just talking about the sexual harassment and violence against female rappers that goes on in the industry. Carl is using the same tactic that has been used for ages. I can't think of one successful female rapper who has not been accused of sleeping her way to the top. It's getting old and exposes how frivolous his lawsuit may be.

Also, it's funny he is talking about a defamation lawsuit after he defamed Megan. Everybody thinks they are Cardi B now.


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