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Carl Crawford Ends Feud With Megan Thee Stallion In Attempt To Rebrand 1501 Certified Entertainment

I did not think anything could shock me more than it snowing in California, but this morning when I saw the TMZ headline 'Carl Crawford Apologizes For Megan Thee Stallion Beef,' I was looking like the wide-eyed emoji😳

Carl Crawford, accompanied by his new label president Kai "Verse" Tyler, exclusively told TMZ, "Probably a couple of months ago, I just wanted to revamp the company and bring in all new fresh faces. We trying to rebrand the company and give us a new look. Our reputation was kinda real, real bad out there. So I just wanted to go directly at that situation and start from fresh" in referencing his petty beef with Megan Thee Stallion.

WAIT! What else happened a couple of months ago..." January 2023, December 2022"...Ohhhh, Tory Lanez was found GUILTY of shooting Megan Thee Stallion. Ok, got it.

Carl, looking more nervous than Gunna in an interrogation room, stated that he had not spoken to the 3 x

Carl Crawford Rebrands 1501 Certified Entertainment By Apologizing To Megan Thee Stallion and Hiring New Team. Where is J Prince?

Grammy-winning rapper since 2019 and blamed social media for turning his and Megan's relationship sour. The former baseball player turned label CEO also admitted using the Tory Lanez shooting incident to be petty with Megan (nasty work).

Kai Tyler, Certified Ent. new president, wants all to know they have no "disdain" for Roc Nation or Megan and that this "reconciliation" attempt is about accreditation, not money, "We went to the Grammys, and so many people did not know him." He believes Carl Crawford should get credit for bringing the Hotties their Queen and "creating" one of the biggest female rap stars in the world.



Carl Crawford Gives Megan Thee Stallion An Apology During TMZ Interview And Is Rebranding The Label After Contract Dispute.

Speaking of thee Hotties, many are already celebrating the release of Megan Thee Stallion from 1501 due to TMZ stating:

"TMZ Hip Hop sat down with Carl and his newly installed 1501 President Kai "Verse" Tyler ... as their label enters a new chapter without the H-Town Hottie."

This, coupled with Kai's comment, "At one point, she was the Queen of 1501, and we liked to let her know there is always a home here," does make it appear Megan Thee Stallion is "Free At Last, Free At

Last...Thank God, Ole Mighty, She Is Free At Last!"

However, the lawsuit over whether SFTH is an album is still ongoing, and until I see something stating Megan has fulfilled her contract or Carl Crawford has worked out a deal to release Megan Thee Stallion from his label, I will wait to put on my party hat.

Remember, there are 2 parts to this lawsuit. 1) Did Megan Thee Stallion fulfill her contract and 2) Who owes who money



I think TMZ's headline is misleading. This interview really was not about an apology; it was Carl Crawford waving the white flag and saying, "My bad," because his battle with Megan Thee Stallion was losing him money and credibility. The war became too costly. This was a much-needed and desperate rebrand move, and I ain't mad at it. At this point, I really don't care if he apologizes to Megan or not. Just leave her alone.



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