As we know, Megan Thee Stallion did an Instagram Live video where she claims her label, 1501 Certified Ent., won't allow her to release any new music. I find it very convenient they tell her after the Rolling Stone interview comes out where she gives an album release date. Moving on...

After Megan signed with Roc Nation, Carl Crawford made posts and immediately did interviews to get out his narrative of events. So anyone pulling that "we only hearing one side BS", is sadly misinformed. Yesterday was the FIRST time we heard Megan's side of the story because she was busy working. But since they are stopping her from putting out music, she now has some time to spare.

Do I feel that Megan going public with her side is a power move...YES! Based on what I currently know do I feel it's a justified power move....HELL YEAH!

I had spoke about this interview Carl Crawford did with Slim Thug on his "The Connect Music" podcast on my now-deleted IG page. As I said before, Carl Crawford came off reasonable, but he also admitted he was speeding up his learning curve. He made mistakes that J Prince is "helping" him correct. So, Megan was not the only one who made mistakes.

In this interview, you hear Carl Crawford say they are renegotiating. I don't know if this was in good faith, but he claims talks had started. Now, as I said, Carl admitted to making mistakes, so this renegotiation was probably an attempt to fix his mistakes too. Obviously, the talks broke down and now they are trying to stop Megan's bag. Now I have two thoughts as to why 1501 is fck'n with Megan after having no issue posting all her plaques and singles:

  1. Megan may be close to fulfilling the terms of her contract, and they want to slow that down. None of us know what is in the contact, but she may have a 5 album deal (hopefully it's no more than that) and those mixtapes may count. Now, she has the album coming out. She can do two more mixtapes and she is free.

  2. Carl Crawford has been working with another female rapper and is trying hard to break her. He may have wanted Megan to do a collab and she said "No". Now they have a problem.

Please do not run with my two thoughts as facts. I am only guessing like everyone else on the internet. I am just wondering why they would stop the money on some vindictive sh*t. J Prince is probably the real problem. Playing hardball. Hopefully, this goes the same way his help with the Drake vs Pusha T beef went...poorly.

Megan is not allowing herself to be bullied and this should be supported. Women have got to stop trying to be "pick me" bitches. Think self-preservation.



The music industry is a narrative game. That is why you see artists trying to be buddy-buddy with bloggers/publications. If an artist does not play the buddy-buddy game, then they will find yourself on the bad end of a narrative, especially if you're a woman.

A lot of men (and some pick me bitches) are climbing very high on their high horses to question Megan's intelligence. Intelligence is not ever making a mistake or a bad decision. You show intelligence by not repeating the same mistake over. I've personally learned so much from my mistakes because those consequences were a pain in the ass.

With all the MEN who are in bad contracts, for people pick this situation to give Ted got me fck'd up. The SEXISM is jumping out.

#FreeTheeStallion #FreeMegan


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