Carl Crawford "Year 3 And I'm Still Battling This Court Case"

Carl Crawford Whines About Battling Megan Thee Stallion In Court For 3 Years


Yesterday, Carl Crawford decided to throw himself a pity party on Instagram by posting, "Year 3, and I'm still battling this court cases about bullshit." Megan just filed the lawsuit last year, so if it feels like three years for him, I am sure it feels like 10 years for her. Anywho, Carl continued his pity party by writing, "Up and coming indie Bosses and CEO's pay close attention to this cause this can easily be u one day ..They try and drain u with the court systems in hopes of u folding💯."

Carl is going down as one of the DUMBEST label bosses ever. You do not lose a Megan Thee Stallion over a

request to renegotiate. Even Atlantic Records, knowns as THE shadiest label in music, was willing to renegotiate with Cardi B. You did not see Mike Keyser start a fight because she initially signed a bad contract. Atlantic decided to keep their breadwinner happy, while Carl decided to get into a pissing match with Jay-Z.

If Carl had worked with Megan, he could be what QC wishes they were. He would have a homegrown Texas female rapper, who is one of the top girls and a 3 x Grammy winner. Instead of battling Megan, they could be helping make Houston into what Atlanta is, but no, he wants to sit on IG Live with bloodshot eyes throwing shots.



Well, two lawyers said that Megan's contract is below industry standards. So, it's not all about signing a 360 deal, which is a shitty deal, but to also be in a contract below industry standard is crazy for someone like Megan.

Video Credit: For The Record & Wine N' Chill


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