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Chart Predictions: Who Is Rising, Who Is Falling

Billboard and RS Chart Predictions

Billboard data based on @WinstonNuo on Twitter


The chart predictions are out.

Billboard: Overall, the girls are within the Top 40, which is good despite what some might say. Doja Cat's "Ain't Shit" is predicted to have the biggest rise with an 8 point leap, while Bia and Nicki Minaj's "Whole Lotta Money" is expected to have the largest dip with a minus 14.

RS Charts: Overall, Doja Cat, and Megan Thee Stallion are expected to rise. Bia and Nicki Minaj are expected to drop but still stay within the top 25.


Wild Side: We know there is a big push to make "Wild Side" a hit song. Jason Lee recently had a meltdown and blamed Black women for not promoting the single. Well, it looks like all the "pushing" will pay off. The song is expected to debut #14 on Billboard and #8 on RS.

I don't know what will happen long-term with this song because I feel like the narrative around "Wild Side" is that it's a "flop" that is being forced up the charts to help Cardi B's reputation as a hitmaker. I feel bad for Normani.


Doja Cat and Saweetie "Best Friend" longest running collab on charts

Best Friend: I thought Saweetie needed Quavo??? Saweetie is quietly dominating, and no one is noticing. Yes, Doja Cat is on the song and has multiple chart-toppers, but she also gets the attention and is considered a top girl. Saweetie gets treated like she has no hits while she is breaking records and showing chart stability. Also, let's remember this song was leaked, and the wrong version was put out. However, she and her Icy Gang did not allow that to defeat them.

Saweetie just needs to find another "Best Friend" or "Tap In," and the narrative surrounding her should change.


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