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Chika and Amiyah Scott Call Out L.A. Promoter, Brandon Anthony, For Disrespecting Them


Chika, who is not known for biting her tongue, put LA promoter Brandon Anthony on blast last night. Chicka accused Brandon of inviting her to host an event, using her photo to promote the event, and then proceeded to disrespect her during and after the event.

Chika tweeted, "This is why I don't fuck with the industry. Keep disrespecting me, it's gonna get physical. I'm from Alabama, bitch don't play with me. Offered me 2k, no complimentary bottles, I paid $1600 for the tab, they didn't play ONE song of mine, but played like 5 of guest's (kehlani.)."

Instead of Brandon owning up to his bullshit, he decided to show the world just how unprofessional and a clown he is. In a Twitter back and forth, he told Chika, "We didnt play your songs because no one knows them. Not even the people you invited." WOW!

Things got worse for Brandon after Amiyah Scott revealed Chika was not the only host disrespected last night. Things got so bad between Amiyah and Brandon; she allegedly called 9-1-1.

In response to Amiyah's claims, Brandon accused her of being a cokehead, "@kingamiyahscott, you are telling lies. And you know it. But you will not remember because of all the Cocc you were snorting in the bathroom. Try to play the actual incidents back and be honest with yourself. STOP DOING DRUGS IF YOH CANT HANDLE THEM. It's fucking up your career."

Brandon Anthony is the owner of B.A.S.H. (ironic) and a curator for LA Urban Pride.

Whew, Chile...!


Updated: 7/5 at 2:41 PM PST

Chika clears up text messages


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