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Chika Explains Why She Never Says Nicki Minaj's Name (Updated)

UPDATED: 5/12 at 6:27 PM PST

Chika had more to say...





Last night, Chika took to Twitter to randomly explain why she does not mention Nicki Minaj even though she is a fan. She tweeted, "I never say her name bc her fans are wild, but I wanna go on record and say I litterally have no problem with Nicki. She paved a way for herself and hella women after her, and I'd never take that away from her. Stans, y'all need to relax."

She went on to explain how Nicki's Stans pull up old tweets from when she was still in school and working at Chipotle to try to use against her and how they tell her to kill herself.

It's unclear what provoked Chika to create this thread and some Barbz were not here for it. One Barbz responded with, "She couldn've mentioned us one month ago when we were BORED AND WERE RUNNING AROUND THIS APP LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO DRAG, but she decides to clout chase only when Nicki comes back?"

Should Chika have left this in her drafts or are some STANs overreacting to her tweets?


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