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Chloe Bailey Celebrates Getting 1 Million Followers On Instagram


Yesterday, I was watching a Youtuber, and she had commented how she got dragged for saying that she couldn't wait for Chloe Bailey to separate from her sister Hailey on social media, because she could tell that Chloe was just itching to show that she is a grown woman.

Well, as we know, the girls have their own social media accounts, and Chloe is definitely let'n her personality and grown womanish shine. Even Drake took notice.

Today, Chloe decided to celebrate getting 1M followers on IG by doing a sensual dance that is very Beyonce-ish. You go, girl!

Via Chloe:

a special performance for all of you. THANK YOU for all your love and support. let’s celebrate together in reaching 1Million followers 🥳🥰💋


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Jan 27, 2021

I think it's healthy for them to start doing things on their own. People look at them as a packaged deal, so it's time for them to show their individuality.

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