Chris Brown Responds To Allegations Of Drugging And Raping A Woman On Yacht Docked At Diddy's Home

Chris Brown Accused Of Drugging And Raping A Woman Known As Jane Doe.


Reports claim that Chris Brown has been sued by a woman known as "Jane Doe" for drugging and raping her on a yacht docked at Diddy's Star Island home in Miami, FL.

Jane Doe alleges that on Dec. 30th, 2020 she and a friend were invited to the yacht by a male friend. When they got there, Chris Brown offered her a drink. They discussed her music career, and then he refilled up her cup. After the refill, she started feeling disoriented and unstable and fell in and out of sleep.

Jane Doe alleges that Chris Brown led her to a bed where he prevented her from leaving. He then undressed her and raped her without using a condom. The next day he demanded that Jane Doe take a Plan B.

Chris Brown has responded to these allegations by posting on his IG stories, "I hope. y'all see this patter of cap. Whenever I'm releasing music or projects, "they" try to pull some real bullshit."

Chris Brown Responds To Rape Allegations From Jane Doe. Jane Doe Claims He drugged and Raped Her On yacht At Diddy's Star Island Home.

This is definitely the year of lawsuits.


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