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City Girls Get Dragged For Showing Up 7-Hrs Late and Lip-Syncing At Tallahassee Show


Shae did not bite her tongue after seeing the City Girls perform in Tallahassee on Friday. According to the now-former City Girl, JT, and Yung Miami not only showed up 7-hrs late but "half-assed lip-synced two fck'n songs." In the words of Queen Nella, "I know u fck'n lying."

Shae seems pretty pissed for there not to be more complaints. I guess when other concert-goers heard her, they couldn't think of anything to add or they enjoyed the lip-syncing.

I would think with JT not having that many shows under her belt, she would be going all out. I also never understood why rappers needed to lip-sync their songs. If you forget the words or get tired, just hold the mic out to the crowd. They will carry you.

The girls are also getting backlash for doing performances while COVID is still an issue.


Did Shae do too much or just enough?


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