The City Girls have been busy making their rounds promoting their current album City On Lock. One of their stops was on The Morning Hustle Show, where they spoke about politics, Stans, and learning to not take sides in the Nicki Minaj vs. Ole Girl beef.


When asked about voting, JT admitted she did not vote in the last election because she thought it was a joke until Trump got elected. She stressed the importance of voting in this upcoming election and spoke about Trump's poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and police brutality against Black people. JT said, "We need to get somebody elected that not only cares about the world but our Black people as well."

JT also did not appear to support Kanye's run for POTUS...LOL.


Things got a little testy when the City Girls were asked about their war of words with Cardi B's stans. After

WAP dropped, Bardi gang tried to bully the City Girls into promoting the song. JT and Yung Miami were not here for that. Yung Miami explained how, when any female drops something, Stans are in their comment sections at 12:01 asking about posting the project, but she feels they don't do the same when the City Girls drop something.

Things got more heated after one of the hosts mentioned there being possible problems between QC and Cardi B. JT, clearly annoyed, cleared things up by saying the issue is between the Migos and QC. Cardi B never signed with QC, she was only getting help.

When asked if mentioning Nicki Minaj was a diss to Cardi B, the girls said:

"When we talk about Nicki Minaj, like, we are not doing it to shade Cardi. We just personally are fans. I feel like for us to be artists, we deserve to be able to like everybody too. It was at one point where people just pinned us as one way, and we kinda was like that too because we thought that was the most loyal thing to do, but as artists, we deserve to like everybody."


I think the girls are learning to play their game, not someone else's. You cant allow someone to use you as a stepping stone. If someone got beef, that is their beef.


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