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City Girls Tease New Music


It looks like the City Girls are ready to rebound after Twerluator failed to make noise. Yung Miami posted a short snippet of new music with the caption, "You ready @thegirljt." JT responded, "Ready, Ready."

The very short snippet sounds good. It's a good time for the City Girls to drop music because both girls are getting attention for the wrong things. They need to get back to be rap artists and getting the success I know they want. Last week JT tweeted about practicing giving more energy in their music videos, so they are taking in the critiques, which is an excellent sign for any artist.

I want to say something about their most recent performance. They are a group. I'm not saying they have to look like twins, but to me, they have to coordinate. Yung Miami and JT looked like they were going to perform at two totally different shows. It could just be me, but I feel like groups need to have some type of synergy. It can't look like y'all just showed up to perform together and then won't speak after the show.

City Girls tease new music


Do y'all think this next single is a make or break for the group?


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Aug 22, 2021

The City Girls decided to look like a group for their performance last night.


I like the snippet and looking forward to hearing more. I agree that their synergy is off. We shall see.

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