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Claudia Jordan Responds To Saucy Santana's Remarks About Women Needing Gay Men


Saucy Santana is getting a taste of what it is like to be the headliner and not just the friend to headliners. Recently, after a gay pride event, Saucy Santana got backlash for some comments about women needing gay men and teaching us...whatever.

Even though I do not believe Saucy Santana meant any harm in what he said, there are a lot of gay men

Claudia Jordan Responds To Saucy Santana.

who think they're the wind beneath our wings, and without them, women would lose our je ne sais quoi. This arrogance is why we see so many gay men taking on the same toxic traits as straight men.

So, I was thrilled when I heard Claudia Jordan's response to this because while it was still respectful, she made it very clear that women are the blueprint. She also revealed that she hires women on her glam team, which is the main reason I wanted to post this.

Haven't I said I want these female rappers to start working with more women on their teams. These boys are too messy for the poor jobs they are doing. The only men worth their paychecks are Kollin Carter and Kellon.

What are y'all thoughts on what Claudia had to say?


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