Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Megan Thee Stallion did an interview with REAL 92.3 - The Real After Party Show. She promoted her new single B.I.T.C.H. and spoke a little about her debut album. The interview was cool only due to Megan. You know men really do not know how to interview female rappers, and Bootleg Kev decided to remind everyone of that.

Bootleg Kev gets the CLOWN SH*T Award! He was just itching to bring up Nicki Minaj in a negative way to another female rapper. DJ PLAY: "Wonder Why They Call U Bitch" - 2 Pac

Besides making himself look like the typical messy bottom, he:

  • Created an unnecessary awkward situation for Megan Thee Stallion

  • He was inconsiderate to the female fans who were there for a Megan interview, not an attempt to bash a legend

  • Most importantly he lied in a sad attempt to get "good content"



Megan Thee Stallion and other upcoming female rappers need to peep how the male-dominated media uses them. The media loved Nicki Minaj the same way they "love" Megan. The same praises they shower Megan with are the same praises they gave Nicki Minaj...until they decided it was time for Nicki's "reign" to end.

The media spreads the false narrative that Nicki Minaj does not get along with female rappers. While girls are admitting that they are told they need to "beef"

with Nicki or they can't like Nicki if they want to be successful. So which is it; does Nicki, not like other female rappers, or is the industry using other female rappers to help blackball her?

Also, I will keep saying this for the people in the back, FEMALE RAPPERS DO NOT NEED TO ALL GET ALONG! Women rappers cannot allow this narrative to paralyze them from moving how they want. No one is ordering Drake to get along with Pusha T. This narrative was created for Nicki Minaj, and I fear will be used against other female rappers who have the talent and intelligence to be a problem for the men.





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