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Coi Leray Announces New Self-Titled Album "Coi"

Coi Leray Announces New Album 'Coi' and Reveals Cover Art.

Are y'all ready for Coi Leray's new album? Well, if you are, the good news is, it is coming. The bad news is you have over a month to wait to hear it.

Today, Coi Leray took to social media to announce her next album, "Coi," will be released on June 23rd. The New Jersey rapper, who initially gained attention with her tomboy style and braided hair reminiscent of Da Brat, while showcasing a youthful and energetic personality on her debut project "Trendsetter," has been rebranding herself lately. The cover art for her self-titled album shows this transformation. Gone are the loud colors, braids, and braces. In their place is a simple white background with Coi Leray looking more her age of 26, exuding confidence and sex appeal, choosing to let her body take center stage.

In talking about the album, Coi tweeted, "From my versatility to my sex appeal to my masculine energy… this album is gonna show you that if I'm not the best then I'm one of the best of this generation. Coi June 23rd. Mark the date. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and watched me grow on my journey."

Coi Leray has been giving fans a taste of the album with the release of several tracks, including her hit song "Players, "BOPS," and "My Body," along with two recently unveiled snippets. I am a little concerned with the samples in these songs. Listening to one of the new snippets where Technotronics' "Pump Up The Jam" is sampled generically and putting that with the poorly executed sample of Lesley Gore's "It's My Party," it's hard not to think of Kidz Bop. It does not fit with the rebrand. However, these may be the tracks she is choosing to highlight because it's a formula that works. The album, in totality, could end up sounding more balanced.



When asked about features on the album, Coi replied, "I barely have features on this... I got 1 female artist!!!"

As a fan of Coi Leray's first project, "Trendsetter," I want to see if she can keep her momentum up. I am especially interested in hearing her rap more. So, I will be checking it out.


Are you ladies excited, interested, or Coi Who?


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