Coi Leray Announces New Song "Blick Blick" Featuring Nicki Minaj (Updated)

Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj Have A New Song "Blick Blick" Dropping This Friday On March 18th.


Coi Leray shared the artwork for her song "Blick Blick," featuring Nicki Minaj that drops this Friday. It looks very Fee Fee / Trollz.

It will be interesting to see what type of promo will be done around this collab, considering the drama that occurred after one of Cardi's blogs, Ken Barbie, revealed that Coi's team complained about how rude Nicki was on the set. His page was then deleted.

Now, to the song. I actually like Coi Leray's sound, and I think she has teased the track on IG. If it is what I heard, it will be no issue for Nicki to fit on this song, Was last night about this song? They are both with Republic, so there should be no promo issues.



Nicki Minaj is talking her shit and claims she has the verse of the year! This is what I am talking about. The girls want to collect all the pieces of the crown, they gotta act like it.


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